Welcome to the 2014 Season!!



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Top 5 teams

Edwardsville Moose 400 at Homestead

1st Platinum Racing
2nd Duck's Racing
3rd Black Cloud Racing
4th Lunkhead Racing
5th Performance Pipe Race Team



** 30-pack bet winner **

Dennis Reising of

RTI Racing


The following teams should bring a 30-pack of either Bud Select or Bud Light to the year-end get-together:

K & G Racing

Jeff's Racing

Reising Racing

M & M Racing

OCB Racing

Platinum Racing

Team Black & White

D & V Racing

Performance Pipe Race Team

Titon Racing

Duck's Racing

Hater's Inc.

The 30-pack bet winner will be determined after the Phoenix race. I will post the winner in the update along with what 30-pack they want. Then everyone should bring their 30-pack to the Homestead race get-together to give to the winner. If you cannot be there, you have to make arrangements to have your 30-pack there for the winner.



2014 Champion

#98 RTI Racing

Dennis Reising






































to our


Team #2

Mark Mueller Racing